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Microsoft Surface Phone Release to be Pushed Till Early 2017

Microsoft has been around for many years now, and every year they try and release a system that will benefit the consumers. A few years back, Microsoft only handled issues related to computers and not a mobile phone, but since their market entry with Lumia, that has changed. Currently, Microsoft is concentrating on their computer operating system, especially since the release of the Windows 10. With many features and upgrades brought by the new system, Microsoft is one of the best competitors in the technological environment. Lately, Microsoft has been working on the Windows 10 Mobile OS, which is still under development with new builds being made every two weeks. This has many people wondering, what are the intentions of Microsoft?

The OS is for the awaited Surface phone, which Microsoft has promised to release to the market. Many users were eagerly waiting for the release of the Surface phone this year, but unluckily sources close to Microsoft have released that there are no plans of releasing the Surface phone this year, but instead it is to be released sometime in 2017. The only good news with this is that there could be up to 3 variations of the Surface phone once it has been released.

No More Lumias

When the Lumia phones were released, they had an impact in the smartphone industry and many users loved this windows phone, but if you are a very keen consumer, you must have noticed that there haven’t been the latest release of the Lumia phone. Well this is because Microsoft pulled back on the development of the Lumia line (these included product cancellations), mainly due to these reasons:

  • The development and improvement of the Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Give a chance to OEM partners to have an easier time creating something new.
  • Allow Microsoft to go back to the drawing book and come back with a much stronger product.

Since its introduction, the Windows 10 Mobile has drastically improved, with the latest build 10586.164 (production build) operating system, but Microsoft still has a very long way to go so that they can really compete with the various giants in the market currently. There will be mainly two main updates: The Redstone 1 (to be released in summer of 2016) and Redstone 2 (to be released in spring of 2017). This will introduce an OS with new and better features, and the ability to easily be integrated with the Windows 10 PC.

Three Variants?

The release of the Surface phone has really raised the eyebrows of most people. Sources close to Microsoft have released that the Surface phone might be released in three variants:

  • Consumer
  • Business
  • Prosumer / Enthusiast

There is still no details on what exactly will be different in each of these categories, but it is known that they will focus on different specs and price points. For example difference in memory capacity, processor, camera and so much more.

What is the Surface Phone?

With those awaiting the release of the Surface phone, there is one question that most people are wondering, what will it bring to the table that will be different from the HP Elite X3. One think that can be easily assumed is that Microsoft will introduce it Microsoft Pen Technology to the line, after their big announcement with the smart inking feature. There is also speculations that it may be an Intel based phone since Microsoft is working with Intel. Well, if you are eager in awaiting the release of the Surface phone, you have to do the same things all of us are doing, sit back, relax and wait for 2017.

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