Keep Your Spouse Honest

As a child, many of us dream about our wedding day. The motivation to find love and happiness with another individual is a prime driving force throughout the course of our lives. Given all of the stress and planning that goes into the orchestration of these big days, it is only natural to assume that after it is all said and done the path will have been paved to a life full of wedded bliss. In some cases this is true, but in others things have a tendency to unravel.

With the advancement of the technology and the internet, it is no surprise that the using of these resources for more nefarious purposes is also on the rise. The infidelity rate within marriages has skyrocketed, and it is no wonder that many wronged spouses wish they had a way to determine whether or not their partners had been unfaithful much sooner rather than later.

The institution of marriage is built around one of the most basic principles of human relations: trust. While relatively simple to achieve between two connected individuals, it is quickly destroyed in the face of adversity. Many couples choose to fight for their relationships after being faced with bouts of infidelity; however that is impossible if the act is occurring behind the back of the other partner.

Oftentimes a spouse will have a suspicion or inkling of what is happening but will be unable to find any proof to substantiate their claims. Thanks to Auto Forward, even the most technologically challenged individual may be able to save their relationship before it is too late. By catching the problem in the beginning, it is much more likely that through therapy and hard work the issue can come to a mutually beneficial and permanent solution.

Auto Forward’s text message spy can be installed wirelessly or via the Bluetooth connection of the target device undetected in approximately three minutes. A spouse suspecting their partner of infidelity would then be able to peruse the target device as if it were in their hand from the safety and privacy of their computer or own device.

A common excuse for tardiness or absence with an unfaithful spouse often comes back to work or business. Instead of calling the office or driving by one need only log in and check the GPS location of the target device, accurate within up to 50 feet to see if they have been lied to. Comprehensive logs are kept of the target device and its location.


Emailing is a frequent method of questionable communication as it is able to be password protected and kept anonymous should the user choose. With this text message spy, the user can remotely access any and all email accounts attached to the target device. Email logs are able to be monitored 24/7 and can even be restricted via the remote user’s device. Emails can be saved to another device for later viewing should the need arise.

Pictures are another common method of infidelity. The thrill of hiding an explicit image is one that industries capitalize on daily. With Auto Forward installed, the user can browse and save all pictures and videos on the target device even after their deletion. In the event of a spouse not being where they have said they will be, the camera of the target device can be accessed in real time and pictures can be taken and saved of the target device’s surroundings, a feature not available on any other text message spy.