How to Use Your Cell Phone Spy to Access Social Media

cell phoneA popular feature many people enjoy doing with their mobile devices is to access social media sites.  You can do this by utilizing the internet browser or by downloading an application (app) for the social media option of interest.  Many enjoy the experience of using their mobile device instead of the computer.  You can send messages and learn details about what is trending when you are on the go.  The process is pretty simple no matter how you choose to access your social media option.  The following information provides more details on how to access this option on most cell phone devices.

Access Social Media through Your Mobile Browser

There are two ways you can access social media with your cell phone.  You can use your web browser or download the app.  When using your web browser you can type the address of the social media site in question in the address bar.  You can also do an internet search and type in the name of the social media site as the keyword.  When you access the site you can enter your password information and username to gain access.

When you use your mobile browser you will notice the website platform is a little different.  Some social media sites will have a mobile version of their website.  They may also encourage you to download their app to receive updates when activity is updated on the site. The mobile browser access is a common option for users who do not want to download the app for the social site.  In the end it depends on personal preference.  You can bookmark the website on your mobile browser to retrieve the page quickly the next time you want to access it.

Download App for Social Media Site of Interest

The app version of the site is easy to obtain. Many social media websites have a free version you can download to your device. If you have an Android phone you can go to Google Play Store and download the app. If you have an iPhone you can find the app in the App Store.  You can also visit the website on your phone’s web browser and it can make a recommendation for the app and take you to where you can download it.cell phone

The app for the social media site makes it easier to navigate different features if you have an account. Even if you don’t have an account you can sign up for one when you download the app. The app may offer features you can’t do when you access the site from the computer.  You are able to do basic functions such as share photos, send messages, and get updates.  The downside to such apps is some users have complained about space and storage.  There are apps of this nature that take up space or run down your battery if they are constantly running.  For this reason people decide to uninstall and access with their web browser instead.

Beware: Social Media Comes with a Price

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